Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tlhe Christmas Present

I am definitely in the holiday mood this year and everywhere I go people are saying "Merry Christmas".  It seems the times of being politically correct have passed and we are freely expressing what we believe in our hearts once again.  There are always those who don't celebrate Christmas or may have different religious beliefs and I certainly respect that. 

I have never believed that December 25, was the birth of Christ because I was taught that the shepherds we not out in their fields in the winter and that the actual birth was more likely in the spring.  However, for me the holiday time is a special time of celebrating not only our faith but a time to celebrate family and friends.  It is a time to connect with those close to us and give them gifts of love.  It is a happy time for me to reflect on memories and traditions of joy and laughter.

My mother always made a big deal of Christmas and cooked for days.  She made a punch of lime sherbet and ginger ale for the children that we called "Granny's Green Goup."   We have continued that tradition and my grandchildren still ask for it even though they are in high school.  I have started another tradition making my special chocolate fudge.  I make the fudge in a pan that belonged to my grandmother and you can feel on the handle where her hand held the pan.  Those are special things to me that I look forward to each year during the holidays.

I love giving gifts and looking for that special something that will bring a smile to those I love.  We also give to those who may not be as lucky as we are as a gift to relatives.  I look forward to the pretty decorations and the smells of the season.  Most of all I look forward to The Christmas Present.  The gift is actually THE PRESENT.  The present is the most precious thing we have in our lives and it is important to focus on the present moment which is the best of all gifts from God. 

So my wish for you is that you enjoy the Christmas Present and be blessed with the greatest gift of all.

Merry Christmas 

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