Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I was looking for something nice to put on Facebook about Thanksgiving and how grateful I am.  However, I remember hearing someone say recently that we need not look to others as experts in any field but rather look inside ourselves and see what is there.  So I am looking inside to see what I think about Thanksgiving.

Well, it is a day to celebrate friends and family and express our gratitude.  Today I was cooking with my granddaughter and teaching her about some old family recipes.  We talked about what those recipes that are passed down represent and how they express the love passed down through the family.  I have a really good chocolate fudge recipe and I make it in a special pan that was my grandmothers.  The fudge is not the same with any other pan nor are the cream pies.  As I took out the pan I held it in my hand and could feel where my mother and Grandmother held it.  I told my granddaughter to hold the pan and she could immediately feel in her body the connection with her ancestors.  Wow. 

When I cook I remember my mother and notice how many of the things I do are the way she taught me.  It seems like I am actually visiting with her and I am grateful for all the things she taught me. 

Thanksgiving is also a time to be grateful for our freedom and think of those who have made sacrifices so that we live in a free world.  I include all those in service to our country; the military, law enforcement, firemen and those elected to serve us.  I am also grateful for my friends and fellow Americans.  I am grateful for each person that has come into my life and for the lessons they brought. 

When I awaken in the morning I pray for highest and best for my family, friends and country.  I realize that I may not know what each person needs but when I leave it up to their own highest and best then whatever they need will appear.  So on this Thanksgiving 2016 I wish you all a blessed day.  Thank you for all you do.  

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