Sunday, September 13, 2015

When the Student is Ready the Teacher will Appear

This is a quote that I heard Wayne Dyer use several times in his teachings.  He made his transition from this life a few days ago and it felt like I had lost a good friend when I heard the news.  I learned so much from his writings and what I learned became personal to me.  My family became familiar with the "Orange Juice Theory" and the "Scurvy Elephant" stories as we referred to them many times.

As I reflected upon my relationship to Dyer it was no different than many others who had heard his teaching.  However, what I learned became my personal journey and he became my personal teacher because I was ready.  I remember him saying one time after reading the Bhagavad Gita that it was about time someone wrote a book like that.  It had actually been written in the 1400s.  So it stands to reason that the teachings in that book served many and were there for Wayne Dyer when he was ready to hear them.

I have been blessed with many different teachers over the years who appeared just when I needed them.  The first tapes I heard from Deepak Chopra were mailed to me by mistake.  Go figure??  Then I was able to attend his first conference in California many years later.  Jan Marszalek of NLP Learning Systems in Dallas, Texas, was another teacher/mentor who opened my eyes to so many new things.  She encouraged me to look at things as merely interesting rather than to decide if it was true or false.  By doing that I realized I was open to many options that I might have missed by closing my mind to them.  Eckhardt Tolle is another of the wise teachers I am grateful for and the interesting thing is that each of them appeared just as I was ready to listen and learn. 

So my friends, it is interesting to consider all those who have been sent to me along the way to encourage me to evolve into the highest and best person I can be.  I am grateful for all of them and many more.    

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