Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When you know that you know.

There are fleeting times in life when we are so assured that life is in perfect order.  This morning was one of those times for me.  I received a call from someone who had an experience that was so incredible that it was life changing.  We call it "getting in the flow" or "being entirely present" and I believe those experiences are available to us at any time.

In order for this to happen we must be willing to pay attention to signs and nods from the Universe that are continually around us.  We go through life on automatic so much of the time but when we stop and pay attention there are miracles around us that we can tap into at will.  When this happens we are sure that we "know that we know".

The feeling is euphoric and creates an atmosphere of joy and love that exceeds the norm.  The sun is brighter, the flowers are prettier, the smells are fresher and the colors are richer.  You begin to feel that everything is in perfect order and feel a sense of wellness and comfort.

So if that experience is available to me today what do I need to do to repeat it when I may not be in the flow?  In NLP they use anchors to recall an experience and recreate all the feelings, sounds, smells and visions that are available when we are knowing.  It allows us to capture that perfect  presence and bring it into our lives once again.  

Today I am certain that there is a Divine Presence around me that brings out my highest and best in everything I do and all that I am.  I will take this joy and knowingness with me as I venture through my day  and I will pay attention to how wonder-full or full of wonder that this day actually is.

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