Friday, May 1, 2015


Before you were born, God whispered in your ear, "You are going on an

 exciting adventure soon.  This new adventure is called life and the

purpose is to create a masterpiece.   Since the adventure of creating your

masterpiece will take some skill, I will give you all the tools you will ever

need in order to create the masterpiece that is you.  There are paints,

hammer, nails, and all kinds of power tools.  You will remember the

instructions for using the tools as you have the need.  We will just place all

the tools and knowledge in a red pouch and place it inside you.  We will

call this pouch your heart.  One of the easiest ways to create the

masterpiece, is to do everything with your heart or with love......."

As you grow and proceed on your adventure, society will tell you the rules

for creating your masterpiece the way they think it should be done. 

Family, church, and government all have rules and ideas about how you

are to create your masterpiece.  Friends can tell you how they created

theirs.   And yet.........No one knows what your masterpiece is but you........

If you trust your own knowing and use the tools that are in your heart, you

can create your masterpiece.  But if you choose not to create it, it will

never be.....No one else can create it...Only you!
                                                                                                Denese Watkins

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