Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Observer

I have had experiences in my life that seem personally unreal and I become aware of being the observer rather than the person.  A couple of years ago I had a serious illness and it took a full year to recover.  As I worked hard to restore my strength and ability I noticed that I was detached from the person that was ill.  How could I, a healthy person, be experiencing such severe illness?

While observing myself I found that I was determined to do whatever I needed to in establishing my health once again.  Reflecting back I realized that I didn't feel sorry for myself or wonder why that happened to me.  My focus was on recovery and the reality that I was indeed blessed to connect with my healthy self once more.

Looking back I am amazed that I was able to separate myself from the illness and view myself objectively.  So who are we really?  Are we the person experiencing or the observer who watches the experience.  I suppose we are both but would more clearly define this as the separation of physical and spiritual self.  You see the spirit was never ill.  It was only the physical manifestation of my body that endured the illness.  The spirit that never doubted my true health and vitality as my truth sustained me even though my body experienced pain and weakness.

Perhaps the key to physical healing is the focus on the complete perfection that we are created to be.    

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