Friday, February 13, 2015

All is in Perfect Order

I have a good friend and mentor who is gifted in seeing life in perfect order.  Every time I speak with him on the phone I leave the conversation having a greater sense of well-being and feeling that life is right on track just the way it is.

When we think about that it is easy to say "well what about my friend who has cancer or all the sadness in our world today."  It is only when we realize that we can't change those things that we are able to find peace.  The benefit in learning to let go really expands beyond our day to day experience and starts to allow us to feel better.

Today when I woke up I was a bit down and didn't have much energy.  I didn't have much to do today and was not motivated to do anything.  Luckily I had an appointment to get my hair cut and when I got to the salon the stylist, a very spiritual and positive thinker, needed to talk.  He was going through some challenges and as we talked I started telling him all the things I needed to hear to lift myself up and be happy to seize the day.  As I explained to him the benefits of letting go and seeing life as perfect I began to understand how important those thoughts were for me today.  It was in perfect order.

Life may not be easy for us in the present time.  With the wealth of information at our disposal comes the stresses of concern, frustration and overload.  At the same time it is easier today to spread positive thoughts and attitudes than ever before.  We can learn so much with the internet at our fingertips. So I encourage to repeat to yourself that all things are in perfect order along with our desire to change them.

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