Sunday, November 23, 2014


It is amazing how nice it is to just have fun.  My life is sometimes filled with responsibility and I often don't stop to do something that is just fun.  Last night we went to a college basketball game and took our four grandchildren.  We have loved going to the games over the years and enjoy the excitement of watching these young athletes excel.

Last night the game was between the closest rivals from schools only 40 miles apart.  The other team started off strong and made some great plays establishing a 12 point lead by half time.  Even though our team was behind the game was enjoyable because they were playing so hard and well.

There is a great basketball history in our community and we are home of the only NCAA Championship team in Texas.  A movie was made about that 1966 team called Glory Road and the coach of that team was a friend.  He is noted for breaking the color barrier in college sports when he played an all black team against the all white Kentucky team that year.  The coach they said was truly color-blind because he didn't even realize that he played the black players just trying to play the best guys on the team. We are all proud of our basketball teams and enjoy watching good coaches bring out the best in their players.

Well the second half of the game last night was quite different and our team got ahead and finally went on to win 77/76.  It was a thriller to the end and a very good game.  I enjoyed the excitement of the crowd, the efforts of both teams and especially the ability to be there.  Last year I was not able to attend one game due to my illness so I am especially appreciative of the experience.  It was just a lot of fun.  I look forward to the other games and the thrill of competition.  

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