Monday, September 15, 2014

What has happened to you has also happened for you.

This is a quote from Maya Angelou and I think it is quite profound.  It takes you immediately from being a victim to standing in your own power.  We may complain and whine about something that has happened to us but if we think about what Maya said we can begin to turn it into a benefit or perhaps a blessing.  

In retrospect I can look at events in my life that may not have been to my liking at the time but did turn out to be helpful afterwards.  I think it reflects the human spirit that we are able to pick ourselves up and move forward.  My mother used the phrase, "This too shall pass"  and it always did.

I suppose that the benefit is dependent upon our frame of mind or belief system and if we believe that we have no choices or control over our lives then we continue to be victimized by life.  The choices are either to wallow in the experience or recognize the learning and opportunities that have arisen.  

This certainly puts our life experiences in a different perspective and enables us to see the good in everything. 

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