Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Daughter

I remember reading that when you become a mother it is like having your heart walk around outside you.  I think any mother will acknowledge that and yet motherhood is really the expansion of your heart beyond anything you could have imagined.

When I was in labor with my daughter the doctor said it would be a while before she was born.  However, she decided to do it her way and within a few minutes here she came.  That set the tone for the way she experiences life.  It has never been on anyone else's terms but she will always move forward with the style and grace with which she was born.  She appeared so quickly that she had no stress and she was such a beautiful baby that people came to see her marveling at her beauty.

She is now a wife and mother of two children of her own and she is beautiful within and without.  She has a kind, gentle nature and is a wonderful friend especially to me.  This past year when I was ill she became my advocate and strength.  She worked with her father and brother to make sure I had the best care possible.  She doesn't take no for an answer and continually looks for a way to resolve whatever challenges may arise.

So today I celebrate my daughter and want to tell her what a blessing she has been in my life.  As my heart walks around through her I have had the opportunity to experience things greater than I have imagined and I look forward to the joy of watching her succeed in all she does.

With the greatest love and respect,

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