Tuesday, September 30, 2014


There are many things we learn from our parents some good and some we wish were different.  There is one thing in my family that I am so grateful for and that is the ability to band together whenever one is in need.
My mother was a wonderful example of how to help another when in need.  I remember her telling me when there has been a death in the family to go and help by cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors or making dinner but never say"If you need anything call me."  Her perspective was that most people in crisis don't know what they need and we, as friends or family should just do what is evident.
Mother was the kind of person who was available to her friends and family and taught us that we band together when we face challenges.  Today, I got a call from a relative saying that one of the children was very ill.  We immediately begin calling to gather support and prayers and prepare for whatever is required to make certain that the family is cared for.

My older sister asked me if I thought other families were like ours and were ready to take whatever actions to provide the care and support during the crisis.  I definitely don't think we are alone in this tradition but I am so grateful that we learned the value of family and can be there for each other at times like this.

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