Thursday, October 23, 2014


I want to thank my family, friends, doctors, and therapists for my health today.  It has been one year since I got out of the hospital from my bout with West Nile Virus.  The doctors and medical staff provided good care but the virus had to run it's course.

I remember the day I got home after 52 days in the hospital and how weak and scared I was that I would not be able to recover my strength and ability.  When I got home I went in to sit on my bed and fell over backwards because I didn't have the strength to hold my body up.  With the help of my family and great home health therapists I began to regain my strength and rebuild my life.  Learning to stand, walk, get up from a chair and take a shower on my own were great accomplishments. The recovery has not been easy and I fell several times and broke two ribs in one fall that set me back again making the recovery more difficult.

My sister stayed with us for a couple of months to help me and I think back about her peeking into my bedroom in the morning to see if I was awake since I was unable to get out of bed without help.
Reflecting back on those times seems unreal that as a healthy adult I was unable to do many things for myself.  I realized that whatever someone does to help you when you can't do for yourself is perfect. I am forever grateful for all the acts of kindness expressed to me.

Friends brought food to my family for three months and many prayers were offered on our behalf.  It is very humbling to have the attention and support of so many people.

So today I am able to walk, talk, drive and even sing a bit.  I have always enjoyed singing and when it was difficult to talk so I could be heard I was not sure I would be able to song again.  I have been part of a group that sings ta nursing homes called Music Therapy for the Elderly for 25 years and When I started practicing for the new year I started crying because I was so glad to have a voice even if it is still weak.

My life is different from before and I am no longer working at the Alzheimer's Association after 19 years but I find joy in every day spending time with my grandchildren, friends and family.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those who supported me during this difficult year and am encouraged and motivated by their concern.

Thank you all for your prayers, expressions of love and concern.

With love,

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