Sunday, May 18, 2014


I heard Arianna Huffington say that her mother said she "abhored multi-tasking".  I never thought about it but when we try to multi-task we are not giving our full attention to anything and that is a recipe for stress  .Boy did this open my eyes.

I have had people interview for a job with me saying they are good at multi-tasking like it is a real accomplishment to be able to balance doing many things at once.  I didn't realize that we are setting ourselves and others up to fail when we add such value to doing many things at one time.  How can we be present in this moment in time when we are trying to do so much at once.  That creates struggles within our own nature.

The older I get the more I know that the present moment is all we have and that being present with another person is the greatest value.  What are we telling our children when we manage so many things that we are unable to focus on anything?  I think our society, because we have so many tools to save time, believes that we need to fill each moment rather than enjoying the extra time to reflect and be quiet.  We have a desire to fill each moment with other activities and so the circle goes.

I am a great proponent of technology and see the many benefits of access to so many people.  Knowledge is expanding because we can get online and find immediate answers to any question.  It has been interesting to me to note where the people are who read my blog.  The largest readership is of course from the United States but after that are Canada, Russia, Malaysia, and many other countries even the Ukraine.  Just think, the minute I post this on my blog people from all over the world have access to my thoughts and reflections.

So I think finding balance in utilizing this amazing format has great benefit for us and we must be aware of the present moment and focus on what is at hand in order to find peace and joy.

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