Thursday, March 6, 2014


In the past few months I have had so many people praying for me and I know it has made a real difference in my healing and recovery from West Nile Virus.  How blessed I have been to have people thinking about me and praying in whatever way they pray.  As I feel the gratitude of the prayers I realize that each person who says they are praying for me has their own understanding of what that means to them individually. 

I respect whoever they are praying to and know that each person who prays for me is sending love in some manner and thinking of me with positive energy.  That energy is so strong and is to me a manifestation of God for God is Love.  The impact those prayers have had on me have motivated me to do my best to improve my condition.  I have worked hard to complete my therapy and learn to sit, stand, walk and talk again.  It feels like their is a reciprocal agreement on some level that all I have to do is put forth my best effort and the strong prayer energy will help me to succeed. 

It is truly amazing to be the beneficiary of so many good thoughts and kindnesses.  I know that this has changed my world and every day I am reminded anew of the strength of good people who have a common goal.  To me it assures me that all is well in the world and there will continue to be good things happening.  I know I am praying for that for all of us. 

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