Thursday, December 12, 2013

A New Me

It has been quite a while since I wrote on my blog.  After my last post on August 29, I was bitten by a mosquito and contracted West Nile Virus.  I went from being a healthy, highly functioning almost 70 year old to just barely escaping death a couple of times.  I spent 52 days in the hospital and 17 of those days in a comatose state.  Doctors warned my family that I might not make it.  For the most part I was oblivious to what was happening and was experiencing delirium and hallucinations.

It is staggering to realize how quickly your life can change.  I went from working every day as director of a large region for the Alzheimer's Association to having to learn how to walk, talk and rebuild my life.  I was blessed to recover full brain activity so my cognition was in tact.  That had been a big concern for everyone. 

I have been out of the hospital for 7 weeks today and have recovered beyond the expectations of all the medical community.  They say I am a miracle and I know that all the prayers and concerns made a difference for me.  I am able to walk with a walker and a cane, my voice is getting stronger daily and I can dress myself.

So now I find myself searching for the new me.  It will be a while before I can drive and be independent.  I have had someone with me constantly since my illness and I have had to give up so much.  I was unable to do anything for myself so I was totally dependent on others.  For someone like me that was a difficult position to be in but I had to let go and trust.  It was a very humbling experience to deal with.

I want to express my appreciation to my family for watching out for me and making certain I was well cared for during my hospital stay and since then.  They endured beyond what I would have wished for them but I am so appreciative to them for the caring and love.  They are incredible.

When I reflect on what has happened to me I am aware that there is a larger purpose in all this. Many have told me that God must have a purpose for me for me to survive all I went through.  I am so grateful for the support of friends and family during this time and want to honor them as I recover.  I find myself in a state of extreme gratitude for being here today.  More will be revealed

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  1. Yeah! You're back! We have missed you so very much! I have been checking this page knowing you'd be back when you felt better!
    We love you Denese! Prayers for you will continue!!!