Thursday, August 29, 2013

What will you do?

After announcing my retirement in December, it has been amazing to me that everyone asks, 'What will you do?"  So I usually go over a list of things I want to do like write more in my blog, take a class or two, exercise, spend more time at the lake, etc. etc. etc.

As I get this question over and over I have become more aware that our lives are all about doing.  What if I just want to be?  I think being is a very high value in life but if I answer that will others understand?  So what is being?  It is allowing myself to be aware of the present moment.  To listen to the sounds around me and to enjoy the silence.  I am pretty good at being when I am at the lake floating on the water in the boat with my husband.  I allow myself to stop and be totally in the present moment and the question I ask myself is, "Is there any place I would rather be at this moment in time?" The answer is usually no.

There is serenity, joy and calm in being in the present.  I plan to allow myself to be in that place much more in the future.  I hope I don't have to clutter my life to the point of stress and anxiety to feel okay.  Let's all enjoy BEING.................

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