Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Next Chapter

Last week I announced my retirement on December 1, after working 18 years with the Alzheimer's Association.  I am excited about the next chapter in my life and look forward to what that might be.  Many people have told me that they were at loose ends without the structure of going to work daily.  It has always been my practice to future pace myself and pretend I am in the new experience so that I am prepared when I am actually there.

I even dislike using the term retirement since it is a word that moves away from rather than toward.  I am very much a move toward person and am motivated about what the future holds rather than getting away from the past.

I tell the story about the Parable of the Trapeze often and like the thoughts about being willing to let go and be suspended in air before you can grab the new bar and go forward.  My daughter is in Las Vegas this weekend so she sent me a video of trapeze artists on the trapeze.   The momentum swings them forward as they let go and they have a goal that they can focus on to allow them to grab onto the new bar and move forward.  We actually have the greatest potential when we are in suspension.

My goal for my future is to have more time to be with my husband, family and friends and to be on my own time frame.  I also want to write more on my blog, perhaps do some coaching, teach a few classes or hold some weekend retreats for women.  I am looking forward to the opportunities and the freedom to create myself anew in the next chapter of my life.


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