Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heart Friends

My good friend died last week and I am sad.  I have thought so much about her and what she meant in my life.  Our friendship was not a day to day friendship because we lived in different communities and had lives that didn't interract anymore.  I didn't see her often at all and yet she lived in my heart.

So many times when someone dies who is important to us we say if I could only have had one more visit with them or could have told them how much they meant to me.  This was not the case with my friend.  I really had no regrets since our relationship was deeper than that.  I loved her and she loved me and we both knew that we had played an important role in each others lives.  The years that we were in touch regularly were important in developing our friendship but since then we just knew that we existed for the things we taught each other and learned from each other. 

I am at peace with the realization of all the gifts we were to each other.  What a wonderful thing to have a friend like she was to me.  She will remain in my heart forever.   All is well.

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