Monday, November 26, 2012


I read the other day that revenge is like taking poison and expecting it to kill your enemies.  Oh my, how true that is.  It is like unforgiveness, judgement and criticism.  It all describes the person who is acting and has nothing to do with the person being judged or criticized.

I know someone who wherever they go they are treated kindly and with great respect.  They always comment on how nice others are.  I know someone else who has trouble wherever they go.  People are rude to them and don't wait on them when they need it.  It might all have to do with the attitude or what you attract.  It is said that it is impossible to attract anything but what you send out. 

Many times we are not willing to look at who we are or what we bring into the world with our thoughts an attitudes.  The universe is set up with a balance or ebb and flow.  What goes out will also return in a never ending cycle.  It is like the revenge that never harms the other person but can destroy the revenger.

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