Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Chapter

Today I began the certification to become a Life Coach.  I think I have been preparing for it most of my life but now I will be certified.  Perhaps some of the lessons I have learned will enable me to be of help to others.
The whole idea behind coaching is to allow the individual client to find their own answers through the questions the coach asks.  I remember studying with Dr. Win Wenger, author of the book "Beyond Einstein", many years ago.  He talked about the Socratic method of education where a student was encouraged to stand and describe in detail any topic that he wanted to learn more about.   You see the answers to any question we may have actually lies within us.  The coach just helps to clarify and draw out the answers.

We truly are the experts of our own lives but in our society today we are talked out of trusting ourselves.  Children are very intuitive when they are young but by the time they are in third grade they have been conditioned to trust what someone else tells them rather than trust their own knowing.
This leads to a more dependent society and discourages the internal knowing, God or chi.

I look forward to this new chapter or opportunity in my life.  I really believe that as we age we need new and exciting things to move toward or we will begin to wither and die.  

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