Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Untethered Life

I am reading a great book by Michael Singer called The Untethered Life.  In it he describes how we engulf ourselves in pain through trying to control things around us.  The effort to control anything just binds us to it when if we are willing to let it go we can be free.

It reminds me of so many different things I have learned in the past and yet need to be reminded of frequently.  One of my mentors taught us to look at everything as interesting.  No need to make a judgement about it or decide if we think it is true or false but merely observe it and let it be.   This is truly a liberating concept.

Have you ever thought about how we constantly bombard ourselves with thoughts taking one side or the other in every conversation?  If we go to a neutral position and merely observe it then we are not bound by anything.  Someone may say "well you said that you agreed with Mr. Smith but now you have changed your position," so now you feel you have to defend your position.  All of those things create stress in our lives and soon we are burdened and overwhelmed.

In the book Mr.  Singer encourages us to consider letting go of  old patterns,  thoughts and beliefs and go to a place of possibilities.  This is really important to understand since we never have control of anything anyway.

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