Sunday, September 30, 2012

You have never been where you are before!

I often think that other people know what they are doing and what lies ahead for them but to tell the truth none of us have ever been we we are today.  Some of us are better at bluffing and have more confidence in ourselves based on our past experience but tomorrow is new and what it brings is a mystery to everyone. 

One time when my son was a senior in high school he came in and said he was nervous about graduating and going to college.  He said he was scared because he had never been in that place before.  As we talked I told him I had never been in that place before either.  We all move forward and do the best we can with the skills and abilities that are available to us at the time. 

We learn to depend on ourselves to make the right decisions but the decisions are based on the willingness and determination to make them work because none of us know for sure what tomorrow brings.  I was told one time when I was trying to make a big decision, that I had no way to know which was the right decision but to make the decision, move forward and make it work.  That was valuable advice.

So today, take courage and  be willing to forge ahead.  Know that no matter where you are or whatever decisions you have to make that you can do it and walk gently into the new horizon.  

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