Friday, October 19, 2012


One of my grandsons plays on a basketball team and his coach and his family were in a bad car accident last weekend.  The coach was okay but his son who is on the team with my grandson had a skull fracture and brain injury.  The mother had a head injury but was dismissed from the hospital and the younger daughter had a bad injury to her ear. 

 They were far away from home so the father stayed in the hospital with the son while the mother and daughter were able to return home.  Immediately the young men who were on the basketball team began reaching out to the family with prayers.  They wore white t-shirts for the basketball game and wrote on them "B Strong" to the family.  They sent videos of the basketball game and each of the players gave a message to their friend.  Some quoted scripture of encouragement and others poured out their hearts in compassion and caring for their friend.

It was heartwarming to see how these young people 11 and 12 years old stepped up to the aid of their friend.  Can you imagine how pure the prayers of these young people are?  They are praying in earnest believing that their prayers will be answered and they will.  This is pure compassion of the truest kind.  Oh that we all had the faith of a child when we pray.  What a difference we would see.

The latest report from the father was good news even though the journey to full recovery may be long.

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