Sunday, October 28, 2012


I remember when I was young and learning to drive.  We had a car with a stick shift and I had to learn to shift gears before I could get a driver's license.  The gears were reverse, first, second and third and you had to go to neutral in order to change from reverse to first gear which moved the car forward.

Today I think about going to neutral in a different way and realize that for me to progress there are so many times that I push and push to try to accompish my goals.  As long as I am pushing I am holding those goals separate from me and it is only when I am willing to relax, let go and go into neutral that  I am able to achieve my goal.  When you consider a magnet there is a positive and a negative force and in the center there is neutral.  When you move away from neutral in the center you begin pushing the things you desire in the opposite direction.

Lately, I think we are all stressed about the Presidential election no matter which side you are on so I have been trying to let go and be neutral about it.  I have very strong feelings about who I want to win but when I let go then I am trusting that all will be well.  We are constantly bombarded by having to take sides and express our point of view when all we really want is to live in peace and care for each other.  Neutral, neutral, trust, trust, trust.    

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