Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today is My Birthday

I have had a wonderful day today and am so grateful for my family and friends that helped me to celebrate this day.  I think about my mother and what she must have felt and thought about the day I was born.  Was she happy, sad or full of wonder?  I know her life was not always easy and I also know that she did her best for me.  Someone told me once that he sent his mother flowers on his birthday.  I thought that was such a sweet thing.  I remember so many birthdays where my mother made the day special for me but I never thought to make it special for her.  I think all you mothers will understand what I mean.

Any way with Facebook, Plaxo and Linked In, so many people I know sent me birthday greetings.  It is really fun to get all the notices of people thinking of me on this day.  I also enjoy honoring others on their birthdays through the social media.  It really does make us all closer and how nice is that?

So as I start a new year with peace, joy and enthusiasm for the things to come, I encourage you all to reach out and honor your friends and family on their special days and always remember your mother and the part she played in getting you here to start with.

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