Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today was not the easiest day.  I was sad, stressed, concerned and worried throughout the day.  My neighbor who had lived next door to us for 24 years moved to be near her children because it was difficult for her to manage her home alone since her husband died a few years ago.  I knew she would be better off but I was really sad to see her go.  It is a part of the passages of life.  There were other challenges at work but they were manageable. 

Tonight I felt tired and a bit depressed.  When my husband came home we went out onto the patio to sit and have a glass of wine.  There was a cool breeze and it felt nice.  We reflected back over the almost 50 years of our marriage and thought about the things we have endured.  Our lives are nice now and we are glad that we weathered the storms of our early marriage but it was not always easy.  Some of the things we remembered were not so pleasant and yet, as we thought about how we survived even the most unpleasant memories, it gave us confidence and assurance that all will be well.  We have endured and made it through many difficulties in our lives but we made it through and we still have each other and our children.

I think it is important for all of us to realize that we can prevail even when things may be hard and tough to deal with.  As I thought about it, it became clear to me that there is really nothing that we can't manage as long as we are willing to persist and not give up.     

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