Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Follow Your Heart

Every day we are put in situations where we ask for guidance from God.  We pray, "Dear God just give me a sign", and then we say to ourselves well that is not the sign I want so it probably really wasn't a real sign anyway.  When faced with a big decisions it is often hard to let go of what we know and are familiar with in order to take a chance and reach out for a new opportunity.

There is a story about a man who was in a flood and asked God to save him.  God sent a row boat, a motor boat and a helicopter but each time the man repeated that he didn't need a ride because God was going to save him.  So he died and when he got into heaven he asked God why he didn't save him and God said I sent two boats and a helicopter.

Once again it is time to pay attention.  Pay attention to the signs around us and also pay attention to how it feels for us and whether it brings joy to our hearts.  I don't believe that God sends us answers that cause stress, agitation, fear or unhappiness.  Check your decisions in your heart.  If it makes you feel happy and strong then you can trust it.  If not then have the courage to turn away.  So again have faith, trust and follow your heart. 

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