Monday, September 10, 2012


How many times in life are we faced with decisions that are so hard to make?  We know that there are always easy ways to go where we fit in with what other people want us to do but sometimes we just can no longer go along.  It may seem crazy to others who observe our decisions but the courage it takes to make decisions that are true to ourselves are not crazy but vital.
There are many people life who are happy with the status quo and can go along with the easiest route to take and that is fine for them.  There is a story about traveling along the road and coming to a fork and taking the road less traveled.  This is the road that may not be paved or may have rocks and bumps but it probably leads to a greater destiny.  I think that some people actually come into this life with an easier plan than others.  Some seem to float through life with few challenges or problems and then there are others who seem to carry a cloud around with them as they deal with one problem after another.  For me, my life has been neither.  I have had enough problems to make me sensitive to them but then sometimes I realize that I am truly blessed. 
I do know that I have taken the road less traveled.  It is not easy for me to go along with conventional beliefs about religion or life in general.  I seem to look at things differently and find that it is difficult to go with the crowd.  I don't try to be different but at times I feel that I am observing life from a distant location. 
Anyway we must all learn to be true to whatever is right for us. No one else knows what is in our heart and no one can decide what is right for us.  I think God has given each of us skills and abilities that are unique to us and if we don't use them then we have been untrue to God and ourselves.  So whatever decisions you are faced with today, just look into your heart and you will find the true answer.  "Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and you will find success unaccounted for in the common hour."

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