Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tonight my son was ordained as a minister.  To many that might mean that he follows a specific religious doctrine but for him I believe he follows the belief that all paths are righteous and all beliefs are true.  He has a favorite t-shirt that says "May the God of Your Choice Bless You".  He really does allow every person to have the right to their own truths and beliefs. 

What a blessing it would be in life if we truly were accepting of others and their beliefs.  Most of the wars in the world have come from one group of people trying to control how another group believes.
My beliefs have changed so much in my life and I remember my son telling me one time that he wished I would decide what I believed so he would know what to believe.  I told him not to hold me to anything because the more I learned the more my beliefs changed.  I hope that has encouraged him to find his real truth.  I am honored by his willingness to search and follow his heart.

He is embarking on a new path and is willing to step out in faith to serve God and his fellow man and I pray that he is blessed in everything that he does.


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