Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A friend of mine was in a terrible bicycle accident this past weekend and has a lot of injuries.  He and his family are well known in our community and have a strong faith.  Prayers surround them and yet there is a sadness that seems to invade all our thoughts.
When we trust in God we know that we must be willing to accept a higher understanding of life for it is said that our physical life is but a blink of an eye in our existence.  Trust, trust, trust -fear - trust - fear, fear, trust.  This seems to be the dance of reality.  We trust you God but only to give us what we want.  The struggle goes back and forth and yet if we reflect over our past we can see that things work out for good for all of us.
There are many people struggling with life, death, illness, injury but there is also a balance where we see children being born and learing to walk and talk.  We see people graduate and achieve greatness.  We watch as a friend gets married and we watch our grandshildren grow up and become kind and wise beyond their years.  I suppose that is what God promises us --- not that we won't have sadness but that we will also have joy and that will give us the courage to survive and know that this too shall pass.

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