Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All is Well

Sometimes when we are challenged the most we are called upon to calm ourselves and find the truth.  I have been under a lot of stress due to a family issue this week and as hard as I try I seem to fall into a state of fear.  Fear that things will be as they have been in the past and fear that family mambers will not choose to make decisions that are healthy and lead to happiness and joy.  Tonight I am focusing on the thought that all is well.  It is perfect and in perfect timing.  All is well. 
How comforting those words are and how important it is for me to allow things to be well.  In fact what other choice do I have but to believe in the highest and best in every situation.  This year 2012 is a year of breaking apart and embracing the new.  Structures and systems that have not worked are breaking down and falling apart.  Things have changed so much in our society that we are able to learn and experience things that we never knew about before.  With all the changes we must be able to tap into our spirit and trust that all is well.
So tonight my affirmation is that all is well and in perfect order.  All is well. 

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