Monday, May 14, 2012


This was the first Mother's Day that my husband and I have not had either of our mothers with us.  My mother died of Alzheimer's in 2001 and my mother-in-law passed in January of this year.  While we miss them we honor them in all we do. 

My mother-in-law, Boots was a dear sweet woman.  She was a real beauty with dark hair and big brown eyes and a smile that could melt your heart.  She was gentle and never had to be in the limelight but was a steady stream of kindness and inner strength.  Tonight we had chocolate eclairs in her memory.  She loved anything chocolate and yet was never overweight. 

Boots represented unconditional love.  Her love never faltered and was steady and strong.  She was the kind of person who cared for those around her and seemed to know when they needed something and always found a way to help them.  When I reflect on the legacy that was left to my children from our mothers I take pride in the fact that they were given examples of strength, courage, kindness, compassion and the ability to face life head on with confidence.

How blessed we are to have had our mothers.  

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