Sunday, April 8, 2012


Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where we are allowed and encouraged to believe as we want?  Today as people celebrate Easter I have refelected about what the day means?  For some it is the remembrance of the time when Christ arose, for others it is a time of welcoming spring and enjoying the outdoors and there are many others who believe it is something else.  There are many different religions and just as many understandings or beliefs about Easter. 

The area I live in is heavily Catholic and thousands of people climbed a nearby mountain in a pilgrimage to absolve themselves of sin.  While I have never gone on the pilgrimage I think it must be a wonderful feeling to complete the challenge and fulfill your beliefs.  I have a Jewish friend who sat Seder on Friday and while I don't fully understand that either I greatly appreciate that we have the opportunity to express our beliefs as individuals.

There are so many different ways of expressing our spirituality and my belief is that they are all exactly perfect for each individual to believe as they desire.  When I was young I believed one way and as I searched for meaning in my life my beliefs changed and as I strove to be true to myself and my God my beliefs continued to change.  It has been my personal search for life's meaning.  I am so grateful for the way my beliefs have changed and fully respect that others are exactly where they should be in their personal beliefs.  We all have the opportunity to rise and become new again and again.  Happy Easter.

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