Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heart Song

I heard someone say today that we must do something that makes our heart sing.  I'm sure you know the feeling when you feel a special joy in your heart or the simplest thing brings you peace.  What makes my heart sing?  Sometimes when I am writing and I tap into truth I can feel it throughout my body and my heart sings.  It can also happen when I am talking to a person and we come to a new realization or when I am watching my grandchildren do their best. 

I think when my heart sings that I am touching God or the universal energy that moves through all of us.  It is the connectedness that brings peace and joy, it is in knowing that all is well and in appreciating the smallest things in life.  They say that our heart actually knows things intuitively before our brain becomes aware.  Our heart is probably the captain of our body rather than the brain as we have thought previously.  Researchers have found that our hearts have a strong magnetic field that is measureable outside our bodies.  Our heart is our connection to our spirit.

It is exciting how science is now catching up with religion and spirituality.  In the past if you ask a scientist if they believed in God they would say no, I am a scientist.  Now when a scientist is asked the same question they say of course, I am a scientist. 

What makes your heart sing?  

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