Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I walk around my home I am so grateful for all that I have.  We remodeled our house this fall and the colors, carpet, cabinets are all so beautiful to me.  There is a real sense of beauty and comfort in being in my home.  I have never been a person who needed a lot of things.  I like pretty clothes, furniture and nice things around me but I could be content with whatever I had.  I never realized what a joy it is to have pretty things and what good feelings could come from them.

There is a real sense of well being that maps over into other parts of my life.  I would encourage all of you to make your home as nice and attractive as you can.  It really does set a good foundation for other things in your life.  When we have a good strong foundation it is much easier for us to reach out and accomplish good things in our lives.  Use whatever you have and clean it up, spruce it up and make your nest the place where you are nourished. 

I also realized that my closets were too full and cluttered.  I am prone to change sizes so I tend to keep a lot of clothes that don't fit thinking that I will either lose or gain weight and will be able to wear them again.  Yesterday I went through my closets with a vengeance.  Clothes that I had not worn in two years went into a give away pile.  I was surprised at how many there were.  It felt good to make space in my closets and, oh dear, I guess that means I need to go shopping again. 

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