Monday, March 5, 2012


How many times in our lives we think about forgiving a person and think that what they said or did was really not forgiveable?  It is easy for us to get out feelings hurt or to harbor ill against someone because of their behavior.  At times there may even be physical injury or emotional damage that is truly hurtful and we think the person does not deserve to be forgiven.  That may be entirely true but.......

That is not what forgiveness is.  Forgiveness is the willingness to let something go from our sense of awareness so that it no longer has power over us.  I have often thought that when we don't forgive another their transgressions that we are pulled toward them like magnets and it is not until we are willing to forgive and go to a place of being neutral that we are no longer bound by the original pain and suffering.  So forgiveness really has little to do with the other person.  It has only to do with our desire to let go and let the other person be. 

Forgiveness is really an inside job.  It is about us and definitely for us.  The other person may never know that they are forgiven so it probably doesn't affect them at all.  So do yourself a favor and forgive. 

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