Monday, February 6, 2012

My Blog

It has been one year since I started writing my blog. I never dreamed that I would reach people from 12 different countries or that they would visit my blog. It is exciting to think about how easily our thoughts can travel across the world. Imagine if we told people 100 years ago that we could type words onto an electronic tablet and people thousands of miles away could read it. They would probably have thought we were crazy and yet look how far we have come in just 100 years.
I saw something on TV the other day about using lasers to do brain surgery. It is actually the way of the future using lasers but medicine men in primitive countries have been using what is called psychic surgery by focusing their energy and it makes me wonder if it is the same.
What is common today would have been thought quackery in the past. It makes me wonder what the future holds.

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