Monday, January 23, 2012


I spoke about the passing of my mother-in-law last week and lots of thoughts have been going through my mind.  In my experience the loss of your mother is a different kind of loss from any other.  As I observed my husband going through the loss of his mother I began to wonder if the umbilical cord is truly ever severed.  I have been told that a child doesn't really separate from the mother until they go through puberty but I wonder if it ever happens. 

The interesting bond between a mother and child, who were of one body then separate into two, is a miracle of life that we don't really understand.  We recognize our mother's heartbeat before we are born and the sweet smell and sound of her voice is a comfort like no other.

I am told that when someone passes that they just go into a different dimension or awareness.  It is merely a transition into another existence.  In the Bible and many of the other inspired writings the wise ones speak of heaven, nirvana, etc.  There are so many things that we don't understand about death but we all take comfort in believing that we will be greeted by those who have gone before us and hoping to see our loved ones again in the sweet by and by. 

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