Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today I would like to pay tribute to my husband on this Valentine's Day 2012.  It has been my pleasure to share his life and travel through the years with him.  We have learned and grown together and each of us is better together than we would have ever been apart.  I have often thought how important it is to have someone to share and witness your life.  Someone who you care enough about to be willing to change your most difficult traits and someone who can see your faults and help you to improve.

I found that the most difficult times we have had together would have happened to me in life anyway but I had someone to lift me up and see me through.  There have been times that I felt sorry for myself and he let me indulge for a time and then encouraged my gently or not so gently to "get over it". 

Oh how much I have learned in our lives together.  There have been joys,laughter, sadness and grief but the main thing is that we have had each other.  He has quite a sense of humor and has made me laugh at the simplest things.  I am so grateful for it all.  I love you honey.

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