Sunday, October 2, 2011


I wonder why some days I feel connected and in the flow of life and other days I am constantly challenged to keep a positive attitude.  I try to keep myself in balance but try as I may I still have those days.  I often stop and think about what is different and what is happening in my environment that is hard for me.  Sometimes it is the influence of those around me and I find that I am more easily influenced than I wish to be.

I pride myself in having a good attitude and looking at what is good about things rather than seeing the problems in everything around me.  Lately we have been remodeling our kitchen, patio and garage.  We have had workers at the house for over three weeks, everything is packed up and we are living out of the office and bedrooms.  We could not have done all this without the help of my sister who has helped clean out cabinets, move boxes and furniture and be the guardian of all the change going on.

I guess I could cut myself some slack and realize that with all that activity going on a person is bound to get a little off keel.  It is really a big deal for my husband and me and I can feel the shift taking place in our lives.  You can't really change everything around you without realizing that it will cause change to come about in many areas of your life.  So here we are making do with very little and preparing for great change and comfort in our lives.  So I am faced with the reality that I am normal and have the same trials and tribulations that are common in our world today.  Try as I may I have to realize that I am not perfect and that is okay.   

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