Saturday, October 8, 2011


The last few weeks we have been remodeling our home.  We tore out all the cabinets in the kitchen and got new cabinets, appliances, paint, etc.  We also took out the wall between our den and kitchen to make a large live in room.  At the same time we cleaned out the garage and are making it into a Man's Cave and are doing work on the back patio too.  I came home one day this week and there were 12 vehicles in our driveway with workers all over the place.  It is exciting to see the change every day and yet I am beginning to get weary of having things out of place. 

We have cleaned out and given away so many things that we could no longer use.  It is a true pleasure to be able to give things away that someone else can use and enjoy.  I have always felt that when you give things away you make space in your life for the universe to fill it with new things.  The garage---oh my gosh, the garage was filled with things we hadn't seen in years and as we began to clean and clear it out it was amazing how much we no longer needed. 

It is really creating a shift in our lives and I am ready for new thoughts, new ideas and new directions in our lives.  The world is constantly changing and many times we try to hold on to what was rather than embrace the future and the blessing that it may hold for us.  In order for the new to come we must let go of the past.  So today for my husband and I we are releasing things to the universe and expecting new and better things to come our way. 

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