Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All is Well

I have learned that whatever state I am in therein to be content.  I think it is important to realize that wherever we are or whatever is happening in our lives it is perfect and just the way we need it to be.  Maybe not the way we want it to be but all will truly work out for our highest and best if we trust and have patience.  I have been told that all things work together for good and I think they do if we only believe.

What if there was a wise person in your life that you trusted and believed in who told you that no matter what is happening right now it is all for your highest and best.  You would probably relax and trust that all is well.  That is actually the truth.  Life is full of lessons and opportunities to learn and grow.  If we are afraid to experience the things life brings us then we also limit the blessings that are waiting to be ours.

As I look back over my life there have been times that I thought I couldn't go on but I had no choice and pretty soon the problems became smaller and smaller and then actually became blessings.  I don't like to be sad or angry or hurt but I do have faith after all these years that all will be well if I allow it. 

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