Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Remember the friend I told you about recently who had a dream and it was coming true.( See blog for 9-9-11)  Well the last piece of the puzzle that had to come together happened this week and they got a contract on their home and will be moving soon to live their dream.  How many of us are afraid to step out in faith and live the dream we have imagined?  It was not all easy for my friend but the vision and the passion drove her and soon alll the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. 

I think this is a wonderful lesson for all of us.  Many times we limit ourselves and never have the life we dream about because we are afraid or because someone else tell us it is not possible.  I told her yesterday that I was proud of her and she is not one to be prideful but I think she is beginning to understand that she has been very successful in living her faith.  She is a very humble person and would not dare to boast of her success but I can boast for her. 

The lesson for us all is that if we truly want something and can see ourselves living the dream as if it has already happened then it is like a magnet and will be attracted to us.  I encourage all of us to remember our dreams and never let go until they become our reality.

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