Monday, September 12, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday.  I won't say how many years I have lived but suffice to say it is quite a few.  Birthdays are always a celebration in my family.  We celebrate by gifting the person first thing in the morning and by getting the whole family together to have dinner.  A few years ago I rented a house in La Jolla and invited my daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, and two nieces to spend 4 days on the beach.  We had a wonderful time and will remember that celebration for many years. 

On my birthday I always remember and appreciate my mother.  She loved me unconditionally and taught me so much.  I have spent time thanking her for all that I learned from her even though she passed on in 2001.  Many times our parents don't live up to our expectations but when we really look at them as a person and consider them as a child or young adult struggling with life and trying to care for children and make a living, we have a different and better perspective.  I know that my parents struggled but they gave me so much and I was able to stand on their shoulders and grow from there. 

Birthdays are also a time of renewal.  What do I want my next year to look like and what dreams do I want to fulfill this year?  If I stop to think about it I know that I have the ability and capacity to make this coming year match whatever my thoughts and dreams are. 

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