Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girl Reading to Dog

A couple of weeks ago I was at an art show and saw the most beautiful sculptures created by a mother and daughter team.  Rarely have I been so touched by a piece of art but when I saw the small sculpture of a young girl sitting in her jeans reading a story to her dog with the dog licking her face I could actually feel it in my heart.  My daughter and I kept looking around the show and I went back to see the bronze sculptures several times.
I remembered a time before when I saw a sculpture of an indian woman that touched me but I didn't have the money to buy it.  I thought of that many times over the years and wished I had worked out a way to get that beautiful piece of art.  There was something that really connected me to the girl with the dog and I decided if it brought me that much pleasure that I would buy it for myself.  Meanwhile, my daughter called my husband and told him he should get the sculpture for me.  As I started to purchase the bronze my daughter stepped in and bought it for me.  I started crying not tears of sadness but tears of real joy and pleasure.  The tears warmly ran down my face with a joy of being connected to myself as a child.  A special time when life was simple and all I had to do was sit with a book and enjoy my dog.  Times of pleasure in the smallest things of life. 
Every day now I walk by the beautiful sculpture and touch the girl with gratitude for the memory of myself as a child and appreciation for the talent of the mother and daughter who bring me pleasure daily through their art.

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