Monday, August 29, 2011


There are all different kinds of anniversaries, wedding, start of work, life events, etc.  For me the word represents a celebration or an accomplishment.  I think for my husband's group of friends the word means both.
For forty years a group of 20 of my husband's friends and their guests have hunted dove every Labor Day.  They call their weekend hunting event the White Wing Fling.  It is quite a tradition in my family and now the men who are nearing their seventies have included their sons and other younger friends.  It is a time of fun together, catching up with friends who have scattered to distant locations and the maintenance of a strong bond of men.  There are some who have passed on and the baton will be passed along to grandchildren as they come of age. 
This is not just any hunting group.  They each have a great respect for their guns, each other and the environment.  They have a lot of fun and are part of an almost lost tradition.  There is an honor among these men and a standard of good. 
In many ways I am in awe of these men and appreciate the fact that while they may not always agree with each other there has been something that has held them together.  Is it the love of the hunt, the commaraderie, the competition or the fun that calls them back year after year?  Whatever it is that keeps them together it is based on good times, good friends and good stories. 
Happy 40th Anniversary White Wing Flingers!

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