Thursday, August 25, 2011


Have you ever noticed how thing happen when you are in the flow?  By that I mean when you really let go and let God have you noticed how easily things come to pass?  I believe that there is a path for each of us that we know quite well and when we feel good and do the things we know bring us joy we are in that flow.  That is when things happen serendipitously.  Like the day I was thinking of calling someone and went to lunch and ran into them or the time I was planning to do something and it happened for me automatically. 

There is such an excitement when we truly want something and focus our attention on it and then it comes to reality.  Many people say they don't want to believe their thoughts will become reality in case it jinxes their wishes.  I believe that the more we focus on something and believe it to be true for us the more likely it is to come true.  I think I dreams become our reality.  So if you really want something to happen for you then spend as much time as you can thinking about it and seeing it as if it has alreay happened.  After all everything was thought first.

Dream, believe and see what happens.

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