Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sound of Rain

It has been so long since it has rained in the desert southwest so the sound of rain on the roof is so welcome tonight.  There is something refreshing and new about rain.  I can hear the drops getting stronger and smell the freshness as the rain increases.  The wind chimes sing a beautiful tune and I listen and enjoy.

What a beautiful song nature plays.  There is a rhythym to the drop, drop, drop as the tempo quickens then slows to quicken once again.  The splash as the rain hits the thirsting ground welcoming the moisture to feed the grass, trees and plants.  There is something exciting about a slow rain that assures me that all is well.  I suppose my fascination with the rain comes from growing up in the mountains and smellling the rain on the pine trees.  There was something magical and majestic about the rain in the mountains and I recall the smells and feelings whenever I hear it rain.

There are many times when we need the cleansing power of the rain.  The dust and dirt is washed away and all is much cleaner.  We also need the opportunity to cleanse ourselves inside as well.  The inner dust and grime is much more difficult to cleanse but can be done when we allow fresh thoughts, sounds and feelings to replace the old ones.  Tonight I allow the rain to cleanse the outside and the inside and determine to bring forth fresh new thoughts and feelings. 

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