Sunday, July 10, 2011

Run to the Roar

Years ago I heard about a book called "Run to the Roar."  The author was a woman who described that she had learned when faced with a problem, something she wanted to get away from or feared, that the only solution for her was to run toward it rather than away from it.  She imagined her problem like a lion and as she faced it she imagined running toward the roar.  What she realized was when she ran toward it the problem dissipated and dissolved.  When she ran away from it the problem always loomed larger.

My mother was a person who had the ability to run to the roar.  She had a lot of courage and didn't seem to be afraid of anything.  I am sure she had her fears but her first thought was to deal with the problem the best she could. She taught my sisters and me to have courage and I am gratefulo for that.  When I am put in a situation that I am uncomfortable in I gather my courage and figure out what to do.

 My husband has always had good rapor with animals and when a dog growled at him he would stand his ground and the dog usually smelled him and went away.  One day we were visiting some friends who had fierce watch dogs.  My husband walked toward their house as the dogs ran out toward us.  He told me just to stay behind him and keep walking.  The dogs ran around him and bit me in the back of the leg.  Luckily I had on tall boots but the moral of the story is that the dogs sensed my fear.  I know now that I can gather my energy about me and stand in my power and most of the time the dogs will retreat.

Whatever it is that I fear or do not understand I have learned that if I face it head on and run toward it the problem will get smaller and soon disappear.

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