Sunday, July 17, 2011


I read a story about an older gentleman who told a story about his own decision to live life intentionally.  He sat down and did the arithmetic and concluded that the average person lives 75 years so he counted the number of Saturdays he thought he had left.  He multiplied 75 years times 52 Saturdays in a year and came up with 3,900 which is the number of Saturdays a person has in a lifetime.  He subtracted the number of Saturdays he had already lived through to get the number of remaining Saturdays left.  I did the calculation for myself and I have 372 Saturdays left. 

The man went on to explain that he bought the number of marbles equal to the number of Saturdays he had left and put them in a glass container and every Saturday he took one out and threw it away.  He said by watching the marbles diminish he was able to focus more clearly on the important things in his life.  He said there is nothing like watching your time on earth run out to get your priorities straight.  When he got to the last marble he figured he was given extra time and was clear that he was blessed to continue his work on earth to the best of his ability.

The question comes up for all of us.  What will we do while we still have our marbles and the time we have left on earth?  What are our priorities and what will we focus our attention on?  So often we think that life dictates what we are to do but we are all made in the image of God and have been given special talents that only we can use.  My priority right now is to have fun and bring joy into everything that I do.  This world and this life are precious and I choose to be the best I can be and honor the days that are left for me.  None of us really know for certain that we really have any Saturdays left so this next one will be the most precious and I will enjoy. 


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